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Conduction Convection
Pressure Evaporation Digestion

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Atmosphere of water

The architecture as the dispersal of borders: evaporation of its structures, evaporation of its limits. Dealing only with the atmosphere, the space, the air, the disintegration of limits between inside and outside, between body and space, between physiology and meteorology, atmosphere and sensualism. Dealing only with space, air and its movements, pressures and depressions, conduction, perspiration, convection. Invisible, transparent, light and clear architecture as the design of the movements of air: design of temperature, humidity rates, pressures and depressions.

Our architecture is a plastic and poetic consequence of sustainable development applied to the building which leads to the development of climatic techniques of the building with the objective to decrease by a factor 8 the release of greenhouse gases responsible for the global warming. In this mission, it is effectively the architectonic hierarchies, which move and are transformed. The accent is placed from now on on the control of the thermal transmission coefficient of materials, air tightness of the envelope, the movements of air (controlled aeration with heat recovery, the route of the steam, the movements of convection and of temperature). A gliding of the structural towards the atmospheric, the full towards the empty, the ground to the aerial. And the forms of the architecture appear, according to new reports, to new typologies, as a poetic consequence of these techniques.

It is also an architecture of seasons, that gets dressed and undressed according to the temperatures, layer by layer from winter until summer. Architecture finds its programs, its functions, its uses as a poetic deployment through the variations of spaces produced by these new techniques of building. Hourly air renewal, humidity rate management, temperature stratification, these themes are developed independently to be transfigured until they reveal their plastic and sensual qualities.

And it is finally a sensual relation without limits, between the body and the space, the senses, the skin, the breath and the climate, the temperature and the variations of humidity and light.

The management of humidity rates led by sustainable development is transfigured in this project to invent a new typology where architecture forms as a horizontal linear variation, in plan, of humidity rates; between the driest in the North and the wettest in the South. It is here, the technique of the controlled aeration with double flow heat recovery (Minergie, Switzerland) which is set up, creates a continuous and constant stream between a drive of fresh air in the driest zones in the North and an extraction of polluted air in the wettest zones in the South.

Program: Spa, sauna, hammam, Shops life style, body shop


Jérôme Jacqmin, Andrej Bernik, Caroline Spielvogel, Jeanne Guerin


Rhône-Saône Développement, Art Entreprise Georges Verney-Carron

location, date

Docks of Rambaud Quay, Lyon, 2008