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Different states of water

The infrastructure project of the Archipelago for the île Seguin is formed around the chemical and physical transformation of water between recovery, recycling and consumption, between clear water, gray water and black water, drinking water and dirty water from steam liquid, using a gradient from top to bottom, between the rain and the river. In reality, we reform the whole ecological chain of water in miniature between the recovery of rainwater, consumption and sewage to be ultimately rejected clean again in the river. In practice we use different states of water for a bar, tanks, and solar panels, in which runs a network of water, baths, laundry, mini purification factory, bathroom. The functions associated with different states of water are technical and practical or pure pleasure.

A pontoon with a width of three meters and a length of about 200 meters. The pontoon hollows or swells, expands or contracts, to collect water, hosts reservoirs of rainwater, baths, to become a bar, into sewage treatment and disappear into the water.


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Paris, France, 2010