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Evaporation Digestion

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The hot death

A choreography

Our project wants to be a place where the separation disappears between spectacle and decoration, between body and space, between actors and spectators, movement and space.

It is a loss of separation between indoors and outdoors, actors and spectators, body and space, in the sense of a levelling, an increasing homogeneity up to a maximum saturation. It is gradually creating an environment of the same: a climate at once corporeal and extracorporeal, 37°C, 75% humidity, 150 mEq / l H2O + Na, 100 mEq / l Cl-H2O at 10 000 lux. Inhabiting one's own body, somewhere between the pulmonary alveoli and the cell milieu. Death may be an adequate comparison (the state of your body being at the same temperature as the outside), but here it's a warmer version (the outside space matches the temperature of the living body at 37°C). This is an increase of entropy, gradually reaching a climax, the disappearance of boundaries, the constitution of a homogeneous and uniform ambient, without any possibility of variation, without any possible evolution. We reach a closed system. Individual differences, the variety of temperatures, the fragmentation of the shadow and light, movement, are leveling off. We gradually move to general immobilization at the maximum degree, where the differences don’t exist anymore, where everything is frozen in a lack of individuality, of change, of emptyness of space. The interior space is created entirely. A volume that we generate and control light, humidity, temperature, sound, chemical composition of the air. The role of spectators may be around that of dancers whose influence gradually spread to the entire room.

The show is a relentless progression, a crescendo of various physical parameters of the space until a perfect match with the biological internal milieu of the body:

Over the course of 45 minutes, the variables amplify accordingly:

Temperature 15°C to 37°C
Humidity30% to 75%
Light0 lux to 10,000 lux
Tempo1 bpm to 70 bpm
Salt0 to 150 mEq / L Na + H2O
Sounda unique sound at 16 Hz

The show is like a process of entropy starting from the multitude of energies, personalities, and ending finally, gradually, homogenized, stabilized, immobilized in an impossibility of evolution. Switching from life to death entropy, the universe of a warm, gray, where all differences have disappeared. Hot and cold evens out in the tepid, white and black becomes gray, no way back, a tragedy. The bodies are on stage at the start of the order of individuality, each with its own movements, independently of others, as a multitude of energy. Then gradually, the temperature, humidity of the room rises to match that of the human body. The movements are slower, heavier, gravity wins put up any ground, motionless, without more space between, more movement possible.

The music contaminates the space by the breath of body rejected. And an accelerating pace to synchronize the beat of the body, a pulse of 70. And the sounds should also gradually embody the entire sound spectrum, from low to severe. First, a low intensity (100 lux) light is gradually reconstructed, from violet to infrared, a full spectrum of visible until it becomes white: white light has a maximum intensity, it occupies the entire the visible electromagnetic spectrum, an intensity of 10,000 lux end of the show is that moment when all space is occupied, where all wavelengths are occupied, where the venue is as warm, salty and wetter than the viewer's body itself: the great same.


Jérôme Jacqmin, Aurore Lemarinier


Gilles Jobin, choreographer

location, date

Paris, France, 2006