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Open climate

Programmatic pavilion for the School of Fine Arts of Nantes, France

Our purpose here is to release any predetermination of form and function. What we seek is to work on a new organization of space where the function but also the form may arise spontaneously from the architecture as a climate. What matters now is to work in the field of space itself, in the air density and intensity of its light, to provide an architecture as a geography or rather as an open meteorology and moving in these different climates, these different atmospheric qualities depending of the activity, the time of day, depending on the season, freely. Our architecture works on two essential parameters of the classification of space, the light and the temperature, according to two dimensions, horizontal and vertical. Horizontally, the plan is organized like a Russian doll, from the periphery to the center between the brightest and darkest, as a succession of walls of glass that each filter 25% of the light. Vertically, the space is emerging from bottom to top, colder to hot on the principle of natural rise of air masses according to their density and temperature. The architecture is finally emerges here as a combination of four light intensities and four temperatures resulting in 16 climates, varying by time of day and that everyone can adopt according to his activity, his tools, his desire. 16 rooms of the same size, but so many different climates, which occur in plan and deploy in altitude. People may choose freely, between the coolest places where you can be more active, the lower and more homogeneous light as for the painter of 19th century, to the complete darkness in the very center to work on video projects. These are atmospheres to discover and appropriate, or on the contrary to succumb to.


Jérôme Jacqmin, Slah Ben Chaabane, Matthias Helmreich


ERBAN, Nantes, Le Lieu Unique

location, date

Nantes, France, 2006