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Architecture design as a movement of air

Reducing the question of the architecture of a sports hall to that of ventilation and aeration, that is to say re-establish the architectural project literally for the need to bring oxygen into the building and to air out the waste produced during respiration. What is the deep relationship between space and sporting activity? It is undoubtedly one of oxygen to your muscles, the athlete whose consumption is multiplied 500 times during important muscular work compared to rest activities.

Our project consists ordered, then formed specifically from management of air into the building through its course, speed, volume, and rate of renewal. The architecture becomes a system of ventilation and the spaces are literally shaped ducts in which air flows at low pressure. The building is proposed as a continuous movement of air, with its tributaries increasing the amount of air brought into space. The architecture consists of a gradually increasing rate of ventilation. First therefore, the spaces where we spend the least time where our body is little muscular activity, which occurs under water vapor, and then gradually increases while. Our project consists therefore gradually, like a stream of air which, joined by other streams, progressively becomes a river, a sea and architecture that we propose is an air flow space, a wind that is emerging and is growing by the average hourly rate of renewal of fresh air in the type of space. So the sports hall is defined as an air path following the rate of air change per hour:

  Rate of air renewal
Locker rooms
Sport halls
2 to 4 times/hour
3 to 10 times/hour
10 to 15 times/hour
10 to 20 times/hour
10 to 25 times/hour
20 to 30 times/hour

Thus our project is organized, where the architecture itself as a wind, as a movement of air that grows gradually by increasing its frequency of renewal based on the respiration of the people, their activities and amount of steam they generate.


Nicolas Souchko, Andrej Bernik


Competition for a sports hall in Martigny

location, date

Martigny, Switzerland, 2007