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Conduction Convection
Pressure Evaporation Digestion

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Tadeusz Kantor Museum

Living in the interval of the double-glazing glass

This project for a museum in Poland is literally an increase of the thickness of the small spacing of some millimetres between the glass panes of a window with double or triple glazing, until it becomes a liveable space of some meters. Precisely like the construction manner of the contemporary windows which adds several panes of glass (single, double and triple pane) to improve the insulation by decreasing the coefficient of the thermal transmission K (W/m2.K) (single pane: K =5,6, double: K = 3, triple: K = 2), our project adds layers to improve the thermal coefficient gradually, one layer after another, offering a variety of temperatures and luminosities. Against the homogeneity of the modern climate, we propose a diversity of atmospheres, light and temperatures open to transhumance. According to the type of activity, according to the season, we will rather choose one layer than another, hotter or more in north, more constant in its temperature or more luminous. Architecture finds here, in its own language and in the energy needs related to sustainable development, the means to create interpretable spaces, extraordinary, freely opened to the future behaviours and functions.


Jérôme Jacqmin, Slah Ben Chaabane, Irene D’Agostino, Konrad Chmielewski


Competition for a museum for Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka, honorary prize

location, date

Krakow, Poland, 2006