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Conduction Convection
Pressure Evaporation Digestion

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Evaporated Building

A building in the gas state

If it's usually with the solid and the opacity of the walls, of the floors and the ceilings, which one defines the void of the interior spaces, our ambition is today to define these voids no longer with the solid, but with void too. To evaporate the structures, to sublimate the walls and the ceilings, to pass from the solid state to a gas state, to make an architecture of air and light, transparent state, open, light, broken up. A building in a gas state, a disintegrated architecture, an evaporated building. Beyond the metaphor, it is according to a physical and ecological reality that we want to achieve this phase shift, on the scale of the city and of the architecture but also for the user, for his wellbeing and its comfort.


Andrej Bernik, Gabriel Cuéllar, Pauline Alexandrou


Bollinger + Grohmann, Transsolar KlimaEngineering



location, date

La Défense, Paris, 2010