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Glissement construit

The current European climate is geographically characterized by a sliding movement from the north to the south, with a displacement that is estimated to be about 200 km in the year 2050, as if the village Ittingen in Switzerland gradually found itself in northern Italy. This shift slowly transforms the nature of the climate and therefore also the nature of agricultural crops. So there is a physiological transformation, along with a change of the outdoor climate, inside the body, intimate, in terms of nutrition that we could taste, by digestion. This shift and its interpretation are embodied in the formal aspects of installation at the Kunstmuseum Thurgau. The installation appeals to two physical dimensions, one outside the body, climatic, the other inside the body, physiological. The first relates to sunlight, in which we increase the light intensity by a factor of 0.75% by sliding the globe in 2° latitude direction, or about 200km to the south. If the light intensity is 107,508 lux at noon on July 1 in Ittingen, at the latitude of 47°34'57'', then at 106,701 lux it would be two degrees more in the south, or virtually the upper valley Seriana Italy at 45°52'60. It this difference in light intensity of 806 lux that we reproduce in the museum. The second dimension of the project, inside, is the food. We offer a drink in the museum: a mineral water imported from the village in the Valley Clusone Seriana in Italy, located 200 km south of Ittingen. Our project is a change in both atmosphere and taste of our perception, combining dietary, geographical, ethical and aesthetic considerations.


Andrej Bernik, Cyril Assaad


Prof. Michael Terman (Columbia University, New York City), Alexandra Ruiz + Stéphane Delgado (graphic design)

location, date

Musée Zadkine, Les Arques, France, 2007, curated by Chiara Parisi
"Moralische Fantasien" exhibition, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Ittingen, Switzerland, 2008
"Moralische Fantasien" exhibition, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany, 2009, curated by Dorothee Messmer and Raimar Stange