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Ghost flat

In the common sense, architecture is basically a universe in three dimensions. Ghost flat is a project of living in unknown dimensions by amplifying the current spectrum of the sensible to reach new extents, dissimulated in the folds of time and space. Bilocation, ubiquity, channeling, it's through the synchronic presence of various spatial dimensions that Décosterd & Rahm would like to draw an architecture where intersect spectrums of spaces, one room haunted by other room, where a phantom of program can appear in other program. Ghost flat is a project of a housing from which the various rooms do not take shape in three dimensions, but in the various wavelength from the visible one. Occupying at the same time the same surface, intermingling their mass and their volumetry, each part of the program (bedroom, living room, bathroom) spreads itself in a specific fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. The bedroom appears between 400 and 500 nanometers, the living room between 600 and 800 nanometers. The bathroom is localized in the ultraviolet, between 350 and 400 nanometers.


As Décosterd & Rahm, associés: Jérôme Jacqmin


Marie Darrieussecq, Prof. Libero Zuppiroli (EPFL)


Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu, Japa

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Kitakyushu, Japan, 2004